How's this for funny this is a phone conversation I had with the council.!! M is me, C is council...

M: Hi my name is Handsome Bob I have just received a council tax demand from you, would you like the ref number.

C: Yes that would help.

M: Ok it's 999666.

C: Wait one second while I get your acc up on my computer, ah here we are Handsome Bob what can I do for you.

M: Just wanted to inform you that I live on my own 😔😔 which means I'm entitled to a discount.

C: Ok let me amend your details, you are the sole occupant yes.

M: Yes thats correct.

C: No one else lives with you.

M: Correct.

C: So you dont have any lodgers or friend's or family staying with you.

M: Errr no like I said I live on my own.

C: You are sure about that 100% .

M: Are you being serious I've told you I live on my own.

C: No need to get upset Mr Bob just doing my job, ok you do realise that because you say you live alone you are entitled to a council tax discount.

M: Pfffff yes that's the reason I rang you.

C:Just trying to help Mr Bob.

M: Thanks very helpful of you.

C: No problem thats what I'm here for.................. there you go Mr Bob you will receive an amended demand in the post our records have been updated.

M: Thank you.

Right now get this I spent a good 20 min's on phone got asked over and over about living on my own right! And at the end got told.. OUR RECORDS HAVE BEEN UPDATED!!! and I've had my amended tax bill months ago.

Whats in this mornings post? A form from the council asking me how many people occupy this address !!!!!!!!👏👏👏 OOOO you are so good at your job........enhanced-buzz-25703-1350669609-1homer

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