Having had the snip 10 years ago (at the wife's request), I feel I am in a reasonable position to at least share my thoughts. Personally the day I had it done I regretted it big time, it affected me psychologically can't explain it properly wasn't so much not feeling like a man just made me feel bit second rate. As the years went by it went to the back of my mind along with all the other regrets and mistakes.

Brought screaming back only once when my OH got asked why she didn't have more kid's, answering with! He (meaning me) had a vasectomy!! OMFG what a c##t! I seem to remember doing it at her request (selective feminine memory syndrome). Anyway forget that I'm happy with what I have!!. Carry on playing happy families daughter is 10 doing the usual work holiday plodding along then BAM!!wife tells me I'm surplus to her requirements doesn't want to be married anymore isn't someone else still loves me but get the fuck out! Usual stuff. So after the normal 3 stages, shock, sadness, anger, I accept my lot but now all I can think about is VASECTOMY I've been betrayed and robbed.

Right I want a reversal so I do my homework, believe me don't know about you guy's but I ain't getting turned on about the prospect of someone going at my nut's with a scalpel for the second time no less. Found a clinic had a consultation pretty simple certain amount of risk 85% chance of fathering a child. Not bad after 10yrs and at my age (21 plus plus plus a few). I'm going to have it done as soon as divorce shit is sorted. Now this is where things make you realise not to do what is not necessary, I'm thinking got a lovely kid bachelor pad don't want a permanent woman trying to make me something I'm not, if I want some fun get an escort.

What happen's next was unexpected and unbelievable. I meet a woman who completely blows me away. I mean seriously deep madly in love like never before, sounds like cornball shit but what can I say it happened. Shes got 2 kid's but want's one with me. Now I can't wait to go under the knife!! funny ain't it!!. Anyway guy's I've had it done, pretty painfull nut's n dick black n blue and worst of all no riding for at least 2 week's. Dr said went perfect am now anatomically correct just got to wait n see if ammo is live. Will let you know. Right so after all the crap I've written the moral is this. You never know what life will put in front of you so try not to make it more difficult by having a vasectomy......

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  1. Hi Bob Just read your story mate am actually thinking of havin chop myself. But not so sure now let us know if ammo is live

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